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Take your recruitment marketing skills to the next level with the Transform Recruitment Marketing Certification.

Why Get Certified?

Ignite your company’s recruiting engine! In 9 courses, you’ll learn the ins and outs of modern Recruitment Marketing, from activating your employer brand to advanced nurture techniques and retaining more of the right-fit people.

Advance your career

Learn cutting-edge marketing principles to add to your arsenal.

Lead an emerging discipline

Join the innovators learning, testing & sharing ideas to create change.

Improve your hiring

Invest in recruitment marketing & positively improve your candidate experience by 2X.

Teach your team

Bring a strategy for success back to your organization & team.

Join a growing community

Find your true peers: the risk-takers, rule-makers & boundary-breakers.

Courses : Launching 8/16

  • 9 courses
  • 540 minutes
  • 1 final exam.

Get ready to change the world of hiring.

Our Vision

We see a world where people and organizations connect through an aligned purpose to fuel endless potential. A world where talent leaders have the marketing, branding and content chops to wow the people they want to hire.

We created the Transform Recruitment Marketing Certification as a vehicle to reach this goal. Use it as an incubator for the education, fresh ideas and strategic decisions that will help transform your career, your organization and our industry.

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