2016 SmashFly Transform™ Speaker Videos

Mike Hennessy
CEO, Smashfly
Transforming Recruitment Marketing Starts with You
John Qudeen
VP, Global Recruiting, Thomson Reuters
Metrics and Measurement: Why You Need M&Ms to Build an Impactful Employment Brand Strategy
John Cotton
Recruitment Technology and User Experience Strategist, CH2M
Fusing Technology & Strategy for Recruitment Marketing Success
Julia Levy
Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Operations Director, Fiserv
Give Them a Candidate Experience They Can’t Refuse
Mel Robbins
CNN Commentator & Best Selling Author
Find the Courage to Be Fearless – Then Actually Live It
Jared Nypen
Talent Acquisition Director, Great Clips
How Great Clips turned recruitment marketing into a discipline
Adam Eistenstein, Charlotte Marshall, Fran Miller and Jennifer Surapisitchat
Strategic Recruiting Brand Development, Boston Consulting Group, Employer Brand Leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Talent Acquisition Manager, Paychex and Associate Talent Acquisition Partner, We Communications
Panel: How to get Going and Get Winning in Recruitment Marketing
John May and Sondra Dryer
Talent Acquisition Transformation Leader and National Recruitment Marketing Leader, PWC
Recruitment to Recruitment Marketing: How PWC Transformed its Thinking to Better Attract Candidates
John Levy
Behavioral Scientist
The Power of Influence: How to Captivate Your Candidates’ Attention & Inspire Action
Charlotte Marshall
Employer Brand Leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific
More Than Science: How Storytelling Transformed Thermo Fisher’s Employer Brand
Pam McKnight and Allyn Bailey
Talent Experience Solutions Architect and Talent Experience Architect Manager, Intel
Intel’s Plan to Diversify Tech by 2020 with Recruitment Marketing
Tracey Parsons
Recruitment Marketing Practice Director, SmashFly
The Best in Recruitment Marketing This Year: Real Stories from Real Companies
Shaunda Zilich
Global Employment Brand Leader, GE
GE’s Story: Building a Billion-dollar Employer Brand on a Zero-dollar Budget
Tom Cheesewright
Applied Futurist
How to shape tomorrow with the futurist's manifesto