John Levy

John Levy

Behavioral Scientist

The Power of Influence: How to Captivate Your Candidates’ Attention & Inspire Action

Why do we: Pack up and move to a different city? Decide to go out to dinner? Spend our time with certain people? Choose one career path over another? The drivers that influence us to make decisions every single day change the course of our lives. But when we put the power of influence and decision-making into our own hands, we can change behavior and inspire action in ourselves and others.

Behavioral Scientist Jon Levy has spent his life researching how people connect with each other and how they are influenced – and he’s learned many of these important insights mostly while convincing extraordinary people from Olympians to royalty to cook dinner for him and let him listen to their conversations (sweet!).

Through years of extensive researching, studying, listening, and observing, Jon has learned the quirks of human behavior and the power of building a purpose, cutting through the noise, and captivating others’ attention. Get inspired, get influenced, and get empowered to become the influencer.