Pam McKnight Allyn Bailey

Pam McKnight and Allyn Bailey

Talent Experience Solutions Architect and Talent Experience Architect Manager, Intel

Intel’s Plan to Diversify Tech by 2020 with Recruitment Marketing

When your CEO mandates that your overall workforce must match U.S. diversity by 2020, you get moving. This year is the beginning of Intel’s talent acquisition transformation and recruitment marketing journey – sit in for the ride.

Talent Experience Leaders Pam McKnight and Allyn Bailey will give an inside look into how Intel plans to use targeted recruitment marketing strategies to meet their aggressive hiring goals over the next four years, focusing on strategic shifts from volume-based hiring to quality hiring; req-based hiring to pipeline management; and qualitative data analysis to quantitative data analysis. Intel is making big changes to produce big changes in order to build a workforce that represents the progressive, global company they are.