Shaunda Zilich

Shaunda Zilich

Global Employment Brand Leader, GE

GE’s Story: Building a Billion-dollar Employer Brand on a Zero-dollar Budget

Bet you didn’t think GE had a recruitment marketing budget of zero. But just like them, you can still build a killer recruitment marketing strategy.

Shaunda Zilich, Global Employment Brand Leader (and budget extraordinaire), reveals how GE has built a billion-dollar employer brand on a zero-dollar budget (really) by getting creative, leveraging internal advocates and shifting focus from brand-centric to people-centric. Encouraging employees to double as recruiters and generating content focused on storytelling, Shaunda proved recruitment marketing success before she had a team – or money.

Now with organizational buy-in, a dedicated team of 5 and (finally) a recruitment marketing budget, GE is proving that the future of recruitment marketing is not only about what you’re doing, but about who is doing it.