Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright

Applied Futurist

How to shape tomorrow with the futurist's manifesto

You would think that no one holds the secrets to the future, but you probably haven’t met a futurist yet. Introducing Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist, founder of Book of the Future, and seemingly part soothsayer.

What does the future hold for us? How do we tell that story? Tom has the answers, and the manifesto, to get you thinking about the future proactively and intelligently. With a focus on perception, reaction, and physical agility, this keynote is all about how to build yourself a team of greats – both personally and professionally – and working to develop key capabilities that will make you adaptable and future-ready.

Prepare to be surprised and shocked with unbelievable examples and stats (Freakonomics, anyone?): What can children’s television tell you about your business? Why should your organization be Lego-like? Becoming forward-thinking isn’t enough in this fast-changing environment – you need to think like a futurist to lead change in your life and your organization.